Comment on Confucius Institute on Sina Weibo

Found on Sina Weibo, the widely discussed “Chinese Twitter”:

@万能的头盔: 刚才某老师在课上大肆讨论某国拿出上亿资金全地球到处建孔子学院免费教外国人学汉语,却连让自己的百姓过好生活的力量都没有,还说某国没有要好的兄弟国家,说就像一个家庭,谁会去跟一个连自己子孙都不顾却去外面到处炫耀自己有多富有一回事儿,谁会去跟这样的家庭交好呢?

“In class just now, a certain teacher was wantonly discussing how a certain country was spending billions building Confucius Institutes throughout the world to teach foreigners Chinese for free. Problem is that this country doesn’t even have the power to let its own common people live good lives. They say this country doesn’t have good relations with other countries. It’s like a family. Who would want to have good relations with a family that doesn’t care about its children and grandchildren and goes around showing off how wealthy it is?”

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