Ottawa update

View from inside the National Gallery of Canada.

Greetings from (surprisingly sunny) Ottawa! I’ve been settling in for the last few days and will begin dissertation fieldwork next week. I’m here to speak with policy experts, lobbying groups, and civil servants about Canada’s immigration policies for international students. It seems that I arrived at the right time. Just this week, the government discussed making it easier for international students to become permanent residents.

I received generous support for my stay in Ottawa from the UCLA Canadian Studies Program and the Social Science Research Council-Mellon Mays Graduate Initiatives Program. My institutional affiliation in Ottawa is with the University of Ottawa; my faculty sponsor is Hélène Pellerin in the School of Political Studies.

Other news: Just before I came to Ottawa, I advanced to the semi-finals of UCLA’s Grad Slam, a competition in which graduate students present their research for a general audience in three minutes or less. My speech, entitled “Rolling out the red carpet for the best and the brightest,” focused on why Canada has been so much more welcoming to international students than the US. Congratulations to all of the finalists!


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